Sometimes Yawp Audio


Stephen Ground


I wonder, sometimes
where you are.
what tears you’ve shed,
              the length of your hair.
if you’re working.
in hospital.


ever think of me?
recall fingers yellowed
by conversation,
             sidewalk jams –
Canned Heat and The Band?
a gentleman’s drink,
              what our souls could afford?
or do you waft me out
your office –
condo –
jail cell –

I wonder who’s there.
if you’ve mentioned me.
            my yellow fingers,
sizzling moves,
             impeccable taste,
the shattered mind we shared.

but I guess

it would be strange if you did.
I only think about you
when I               laugh,
dance, drink,
smoke, or
sit idly on the 
stoop, watching life
bob by in the
              steady stream. 

              at best.

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