Staff Page


Sydney Kappel

Managing Editor | Senior

Sydney Kappel’s favorite word is floccinaucinihilipilification. While she enjoys writing and literature, you won’t find her with coffee, ever. Due to her lack of caffeine, she finds energy in the form of late night car rides (with good music, of course), long walks with no clear destination, baking, and responding to almost everything with a witty comeback.

Elli Gifferson

Programs editor | Senior

Elli Gifferson is a writer, reader, and word enthusiast. She spends her free time painting pages with words and bringing images to life. Aside from literature, Elli is slightly addicted to dramatic television and 60’s music. A natural nerd at heart, she has an absurd craving for knowledge and is currently earning a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts. She is a strong believer in the power of words and contends that when used right, they can make a world of difference.

Lyla LaMay

Design Editor | Senior

Lyla LaMay is a designer by design. It’s in her nature to create, to express herself through her work, and to spill her thoughts and ideas and obsessions into something you can hold, or see, or hear, or touch. She likes tea more than people (the kind you drink, not the kind you spill), and she’ll happily serve you a cup, as long as you sit with her and the Hatter at the long table, and sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat” with them.

Amber Murry

Web editor | Senior

Amber Murry is a habitual night owl, but only because she is procrastinating on going to sleep. Typically, she spends this time reading or catching up on her favorite TV show. It often takes a deadline to force her to physically write down the ideas that she develops in her head on the rare occasion of drifting off to sleep.

Emeline Ring

General Staff | senior

Emeline Ring is a Washington state native whose perfect day consists of camping out in a Starbucks and devouring a book for hours on end. Though she loves her home, she came to Bethany to major in English. When she isn’t devoting her time to writing, reading, and editing for class or her own pleasure, she tries to carve out time for outdoor runs (even when it’s raining), singing in choir, and listening to movie and TV soundtracks.

Abby Reed

General Staff | Senior

Abby Reed is a creature of habit. She loves her morning coffee, her daily conversations with friends, and her evening reading time. She is an English major, lover of words and anything paper related; you can often find her reading a Jane Austen novel, re-watching Jurassic Park for the billionth time, or hiding away in a corner of the Memorial Library.

Joshua Ray Amiling

General Staff | Senior

Joshua Ray Amiling is a thinker, though his sister would contend he doesn’t think at all. Whatever he’s reading, watching, or listening to, he’ll usually have one takeaway that he’ll turn over in his mind for at least a day or two. What he does read, watch, and listen to is a little of everything, but nothing makes his day better then pulling up his oldies playlist and blasting it through his speaker. Otherwise you can find him taking a very reasonable three hour nap. 

Audrey Amiling

General Staff | sophomore

Audrey Faith Amiling is a proud Washington native (West Coast Best Coast). She is majoring in Education, English, and Social Studies. Music is one of her favorite things in the world; she can often be found simultaneously singing and studying. When she isn’t drowning in homework from one of her three majors, she likes baking, reading, and traveling.

Jenna Wahl

General Staff | freshman

Jenna Wahl is constantly trying to understand and communicate emotion. Though a psychology major, she loves anything artistic (words, art, photography, music – you name it). She views writing, poetry especially, as a highway from the brain to paper, a way for authors and readers alike to vocalize and understand their deepest fears and strongest passions. When Jenna isn’t coming across as a brooding philosopher, she enjoys spending time with friends, doing anything outdoors, and listening to music.

Lissa Torres

Faculty Advisor

Lissa Torres has written essays covering topics such as centipedes, Visible Woman kits, Søren Kierkegaard, Wong Karwai films, and pineapples. Lately she’s been writing simply (and not simply at all) about home. She believes a literary magazine should not only feature excellent work, but that it should itself be an artful object, a tangible manifestation of joy.