Staff Openings


Official staff members (those who register for a credit) are primarily gatekeepers: editors, designers, publishers. They exist to feature and encourage the production of creative work on campus. They may occasionally produce content for the website, though this is not their primary function.

1 credit is available to staff members who commit to a full semester.

Members register for either ENGL 102 or 302 by consent of the faculty advisor. Membership by registration in either ENGL 102 or ENGL 302 will provide 1 academic credit. For their first year, staff members may register for ENGL 102. After one year of enrollment and participation in Inkwell, members may enroll for upper division credit through ENGL302

Staffing inquiries may be sent to or to Lars Johnson, Inkwell’s Faculty Advisor.

Managing Editor

The managing editor oversees the Design Editor, the Web Editor, and the general staff. He/She is on hand to answer questions and to assist the staff in their duties. The managing editor works closely with the faculty advisor on the maintenance and production of the blog and magazine. Preference is given to students who have previously been part of Inkwell’s staff.

The Managing Editor is qualified to receive an activity scholarship.


The design editor is responsible for overseeing the layout and publication of the issue itself. He/She also designs promotional material and may assist with website maintenance. Familiarity with desktop design and InDesign is a must. Some interest in and familiarity with WordPress is preferable.

The Design Editor is qualified to receive an activity scholarship.

web editor

The Web Editor is primarily responsible for maintaining Inkwell’s website and social media. This typically includes editing, formatting, and posting submissions to The Well as well as updating content on other site pages as needed. He/She should be familiar with WordPress and be able to work in tandem with the Design Editor to achieve a unified aesthetic and brand. He/She may also be involved in maintaining Inkwell’s social media accounts.

general staff

Staff members support the daily operations of Inkwell. This may include but is not limited to: maintaining records and materials, attending and helping organize events, maintaining Inkwell’s social media, reading/editing submissions, and contributing to The Well