Milkshakes in the Rain Yawp Video

Milkshakes in the Rain

Noella Merchant

Do you remember those rainy nights?

When we sat in your minivan and drank McDonald’s milkshakes

and listened to the drops as they struck the roof?

I was walking tonight in the mist, and the scent of wet asphalt reminded me of you…

Of those nights.

Before we really knew how to say I Love You.

Before we could form words to share the most intimate things, but…

We knew. You must forgive me for being sentimental.

And by “must,” I mean please do, or perhaps don’t,

since it’s not something I should apologize for.

We let words share our deepest feelings and emotions, sometimes as eloquent as the flourishes

of a feather pen.

But in the rain, I still knew before either of us said anything.

I wonder what dictates when words are best shared…

or when silence should be permitted to draw us closer together.

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