It Is Finished – Yawp Vid

It Is Finished

Ezekiel Grabau

Human eyes are made almost entirely of water.

Sound travels better through water than air.

Light and sound are waves in various frequencies.

The sine wave begins at zero and continues forever.

Evolution selects useful behaviors over millions of years.

According to evolutionary theory, we have no need for tears.


But we cry anyway.


Salt is like sadness

a taste unto its own

carefully sprinkle it

upon your eyes

to preserve the sights and sounds

to make forever more palatable.

Do you have no need for tears?


The sound,

the grief comes in waves

as blood and water and tears

flow mingled down

Then that triumphant

last breath

marking the beginning of forever.

We have no need for tears.


But we cry anyway.


Glistening while I am listening

to Grandma’s last breath

Trying while I am crying

to understand her death.

Did I have no need for tears?


A single drop

turns into a downpour

or did you imagine a quiet sniffle

when you read the words

Jesus wept

for His dead friend

that would rise soon after.

He had no need for tears.


But He cried anyway.

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