Frida Kahlo – Yawp

Frida Kahlo's First Self-Portrait

Angelica Esquivel

OUR GENESIS: these lipstick flowers

in her hair, crimson framed 

by a faint mustache. She’s always 

why should I? ​ never ​I will, 

fighting with her man, praying


for an umbilical cord that will eternally

connect her to the Earth and to him.

Praying for entanglement. 

She envisions curly raven hair, 

canvasses smeared with innocence, 


a baby’s fingerprints. He’s buried 

in the family cemetery next to her 

grandmother, our great-grandmother,

and sweet Frida 

keeps curling around herself 


like a worm in a bottle of tequila. 

She weeps as the black vines tighten

around her neck, praying for

entanglement, OUR INHERITANCE:


Sugary leaves. Pointed elbows.

Strength that becomes stronger.

Damn sorrows that do, too.

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